NHS - Physical Activity Clinical Champion - AHP


Are you an Allied Health Professional, Psychologist or Pharmacist who understands how physical activity can make a real difference to people's health and wellbeing?

Are you keen to teach, engage and motivate others to feel the same and embed it in their clinical practice?

Would you be able to spend 12 hours per month working as a paid Physical Activity Clinical Champion in your region?

Public Health England (PHE) is recruiting an Allied Health Professional, Psychologist or Pharmacist in Yorkshire and Humber, the South West, North West, East of England, South East, West Midlands and London regions to become a Physical Activity Clinical Champion to deliver standardised peer-to-peer training on physical activity in clinical care. Each champion will work as part of a local team in their respective geography.

Established in 2015, the Physical Activity Clinical Champions programme has created a national footprint of expert healthcare professionals delivering peer-to-peer training to support embedding brief interventions for physical activity as routine clinical practice. Physical Activity Clinical Champions are trained to deliver a PHE-developed training package and supported to link with the existing local clinical and training infrastructures to schedule sessions. Approximately 22,000 health care professionals have been trained to date by our network of champions.

The successful candidates will take on a system leadership role with a national profile, influencing and upskilling their local health system to prioritise physical activity within clinical care to improve patient outcomes. Candidates should have strong teaching and facilitation skills, expertise in their AHP, psychology or pharmacy field. Experience delivering effective behaviour change advice to patients is also essential.

The successful candidates will liaise with and be supported by a local network that will include existing Nurse, Medic and AHP Clinical Champions, the lead AHP Clinical Champion, the local PHE Centre Lead for Physical Activity, as well as the national physical activity team. They will be accountable to the National Programme Manager for Physical Activity. There will be mentoring and supervision available for the newly appointed candidates to support transition into the role.

The post will commence in September 2019 and end in October 2020.

The time commitment is up to around 12 hours per month. Time will be spent networking and linking with the local training leads to organise sessions and completion of administration, with most of time delivering training to groups of nurses in primary, community or secondary care settings, as well as trainee nurses, across their geographical area. Timing of training sessions will be flexible based on both availability of training sessions and the commitments of the Champions.

Key responsibilities of the role
Linking with training leads in NHS trusts, CCG's and Accountable Care Systems to identify training opportunities with nurse cohorts
1. Delivering a standard training package (which you will be trained to deliver) to groups of your peer health care professionals in hospitals or in the community / primary care
2. Facilitating programme evaluation per the evaluation protocol and performing session administrative tasks
3. Working as part of a local team with the PHE Centre and other Champions.

The successful candidates will be appointed as a peer reviewers to PHE. These flexible contracts are remunerated on a time worked basis and the contract does not therefore provide remuneration for annual leave, pension or maternity leave.

There will be a standard fixed sessional rate of, regardless of substantive grade. The rate is £25.99 per hour (NHS AfC 8a, 38). Hours will be flexible, to align with opportunities to deliver training, and fixed commitments associated with your substantive post.

Travel costs will be paid at standard PHE rates.

The successful candidate will be invited to attend a mandatory training and networking event with other Clinical Champions from across the country in Birmingham on the 9th September or the 17th September.

For further information and details of how to apply - click here