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9 reasons to actively travel to and from school

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Reason 1 - Builds activity into the whole family's routine

At 1.6 miles, the average primary school journey is a distance that can be cycled, scooted or walked.

It's the perfect opportunity to squeeze in more activity into our busy lives to try and achieve the recommended 60 minutes a day for children And it's a great way for families to spend time together.

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Reason 2 - It's a boost for your mental health and wellbeing

Physical activity can increase mental alertness, energy, positive mood and self-esteem.

It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and increases motivation, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

A great start to your childrens day and yours too! Make a pledge to boost your mental health and wellbeing.

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Reason 3 - It's the best way to start the day

Teachers find that pupils who walk, cycle or scoot arrive at school more relaxed, alert and ready to start the day than those who travel by car.

Matt Nicholls, Headteacher at Nanpean Primary School agrees'it is often clear in school which children are more active as their focus and concentration is better in lessons when compared to children who aren't as active.'

It can also benefit parents just as much as children!

A 20-minute bike ride can use the same amount of calories as a cappuccino, a bar of chocolate or a 175ml glass of wine. All the more reason to enjoy the things you love and start the day in the best way possible tomorrow.

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Reason 4 - It will help ease congestion outside the school gate

1 in 5 cars in the morning rush are on the school run - don't add to the congestion outside the school gate.

Leaving the car at home means you'll take the hassle out of parking too!

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Reason 5 - It's good for the environment

Up to 40,000 early deaths are attributable to air pollution each year in the UK

Getting out of the car and on to your bike or scooter, and walking are all great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and It'll help reduce air pollution and address the climate crisis saving the environment.