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Time 2 Move Framework

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'Time2Move is the Cornwall Framework for PE and School Sport. It has been produced by a range of key stakeholders here in Cornwall including Head Teachers and subject specialists and promotes every child's right to a healthy and happy life focusing on the value of PE and school sport in closing the inequalities gap, improving life chances and making a positive impact on many of the wider challenges facing schools.

For those schools seeking a comprehensive school sport offer it provides a blueprint to develop excellent delivery both within and outside the school gates as well as support deployment of the primary sport premium.

As part of this initiative the PE and School Sport Strategic Group have recently conducted a county-wide survey with the aim of establishing a baseline understanding of current provision in relation to the six Time 2 Move ambitions. Each school in the county is invited to self-assess current provision against the stated ambitions of the framework. The Audit is available below. Please return to

AFPE:Evidencing the Impact - Website Reporting Template

If you would like to register your support for the Time 2 Move initiative we would be delighted to send you a promotional pack for your digital communications, a certificate for your school and any additional hard copies of the document that you require. Please email