Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

T2M Holiday Camps


These pages are dedicated to the T2M Holiday Camps which are the Government funded Holiday Activities and Food Programme which will cover the whole of England in 2021.

Through this programme, local authorities will provide children aged 5 to 16 free holiday club provision, including healthy food and enriching activities, to children eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals over the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays in 2021.

This programme will be delivered by Active Cornwall and partners to ensure all children in Cornwall eligible for Free Schools Meals will be offered activity during the 3 main school holidays. Due to Covid procedures during Easter every child aged 5 to 16 eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals through its school will be offered a Wellbeing Pack to compliment the food voucher they will receive funded by Cornwall Council.


The T2M Holiday Camps are Free activity for disadvantaged families, those aged 5 to 16 on Free School Meals that aim to address the triple inequality we have in Cornwall of:

  1. Poor Diets
  2. High levels of  Social Isolation
  3. Low levels of physical activity

Check out the further pages for schools, community providers and parents to find out more.

If you have any questions, want to deliver holiday activity for this audience, want you child to get involved or would just like to know more information about how to get involved, either as a school, parent or a community provider, please email or call 07527 470537.