Club Matters

Club Matters

What is Club Matters?
Club Matters is Sport England's one stop shop for sports clubs. Club Matters provides free, convenient, practical resources to help you develop and run a sustainable club.

Who is Club Matters for?
Club Matters resources are for you if you;

  • run a sports clubs, whether large or small, formal or informal;
  • are thinking about setting up a club;
  • support, are undertaking or considering the Clubmark accreditation; or
  • are active in sports development

What are the benefits?
The Club Matters convenient and flexible resources;

  • will help you attract and retain members;
  • provide practical tips & guidance;
  • offer tools to help you understand your club and members; and
  • will improve and develop your skills

What tools and resources are available?
Club Matters gives you access to free innovative tools to help develop your club. Registration is simple and free. Get started with Club Matters today and build a brighter future for your club. The tools available include;

  • Club Improvement Tool
  • Club Views
  • Start a Club
  • Clubmark
  • Club Matters Social

Find out more and visit the CLUB MATTERS website!

NEW! Guidance for clubs to welcome women & girls
To support the return of Sport England's This Girl Can campaign, Club Matters have created guidance specifically for sports clubs to help them think about how best to welcome women & girls.  The new interactive guide explores the motivations behind women doing sport, outlines potential barriers which may stop them from becoming regular club members and gives practical tips that clubs can follow to overcome these. To view the new guide click here!


Sustainable Clubs
A typical sports club spends around 30% of its running costs on energy!

A website,  has been developed on behalf of Sport England and the Pitch Sports Group.  It provides guidance to help community sports clubs use environmental sustainability to reduce their running costs. It contains a range of advice from understanding how much energy a club uses through to identifying, prioritising and funding sustainability projects


Contact Us
If you have any questions about how you can develop your club, please contact Rob Harrison on 01872 323347 / 07966 892284 /

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