Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

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Tackling Inequalities

Active Cornwall have been working with Sport England and the National Lottery to support local efforts related to the impact of COVID-19. The Tackling Inequalities funding is aimed at supporting specific under-represented groups in target communities who have been most affected by the conditions that COVID and lock-downs has created, which has seen their activity levels dramatically affected.

Sport England commissioned physical activity attitudes and behaviours survey during COVID-19 it highlighted a widening gaps in the activity levels across a range of existing priority audiences. For Cornwall the priority has been identified as:

  1. People from Lower Socio-Economic Groups (LSEG)
  2. People with Long Term Health Conditions (LTC)

The primary aims of the fund was to ensure that participants from these groups remain engaged with physical activity and ii) organisations who are operating in this space and supporting physical activity remain viable and effective.

Please see a number of Case Studies produced by Active Cornwall  to showcase the impact this funding has had on communities within Cornwall.