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Duty to Care Toolkit and Digital Badge - This toolkit will equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences to others, as well as support coaches to begin to better look after themselves.

The Duty to Care Toolkit is a series of Knowledge Checks and coach learning resources set across the five distinct pillars that represent the Duty to Care ethos: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health.

Complete the five free Knowledge Checks to earn our Duty to Care Digital Badge.

Great coaching is beyond just the technical and tactical elements that make up the playing of a sport. It's about the person-centred experience, ie a coach-participant relationship that is positive, motivational, caring and rewarding.

Our comprehensive suite of learning aims to galvanise the coaching sector to fulfil their obligations around the education and provision of these five pillars of Duty to Care.

We have established our own Duty to Care approach for the coaching sector to create more holistic and positive coaching benefits for all.

This wraparound care will extend beyond the recipients of coaching, to include the whole coaching family. It is imperative that we look after the people looking after the people, so that the nation's coaches feel their health and welfare is also being supported and protected.

Therefore, it is incumbent to give coaches a starting point to assess where they need more help in this area, so UK Coaching can continue to support coaches across the UK based on their needs. They can then draw upon this support during their ongoing development and throughout their coaching practice. This will enable them to look after the people they coach, as well as their own well-being, effectively and appropriately.

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COVID 19 Support:
Feel free to share the link to these resources with other coaches you feel these may benefit - the more coaches we can help to carry on coaching through these unprecedented times the better!
1.     The Fundamentals for Being Successful in Online Coaching
2.     Choosing the Right Online Coaching Model
3.     Identifying Your Online Coaching Audience
4.     Pricing and Packaging Online Coaching Services
5.     Onboarding Prospects to Your Online Coaching Services
6.     How to Deliver Coaching Online


Developing UK Coaching Excellence
We are inspired by a belief that good sports coaches not only enhance sporting experiences, but increase and sustain active lifestyles too. This in turn brings enormous health and well-being benefits.

Our vision is UK coaching excellence enabling every child, player and athlete to follow their dreams, have fun and fulfil their potential.

We are a UK-registered charity, employing 50 staff members, based at our Headquarters in Leeds and at sites across England.

Working Together with our Partners
We support our partners to recruit, develop and retain the coaches they need to achieve their sports participation and performance goals.

Specifically, we:
•          Support and challenge our partners to improve their coaching systems and
            grow their contribution to a cohesive UK coaching system.
•          Develop coach learning and support that complements sports-specific
            programmes and aligns with public policy.
•          Provide research and good practice that benefits coaching.

In England, we support 46 national governing bodies of sport and 49 county sports partnerships. In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, we work with the three Home Country Sports Councils. View our strategy summary

Sports Coach UK has developed a number of videos and resources to help support your development of becoming a coach:

Become a Coach Video  &  Coaching Resources


NEW! What makes YOUR session UNMISSABLE for young people?
Young people want unmissable experiences when they take part in sport. For more young people to take part in sport regularly, they need coaches to understand and engage them.

The Document below includes some suggestions and ideas based on the Youth Insights from Sport England to inspire you to make your sessions unmissable for young people.

Watch the video - What makes your session unmissable - here!

Please visit the sports coach UK website for further coaching information and details:


New Infographic: Coaching Online
Now more than ever, great coaching is essential. As well as changing lives, boosting confidence and improving physical abilities, it plays a significant role to support the health and well-being of the nation by keeping people active at home.

In light of the indisputable need for coaches during this time, we have produced a series of three infographics containing insightful guidance on creating great coaching experiences at home. The first of these contains tips for coaches on delivering sport and physical activity sessions remotely.

If you haven't coached online yet, or are hoping to refresh your online coaching toolkit, check out the series: 

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