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British Weight Lifting & Help for Heroes Para-Bench Open

2015 ZRC 062 Para-Bench Press Open Poster FINAL AW

British Weight Lifting and Help for Heroes are continuing to build on their work to help injured service personnel recover and get into sport by establishing the British Weight Lifting/Help for Heroes Bench Press Open.

The competition will be for novice and experienced para-powerlifters alike, with a competition format and structure specially aimed at making the sport accessible and enjoyable.

The Rules
Competitors will have three attempts to record the highest possible single repetition bench press

The bar must be lowered down to the chest independently where it will pause

After a short pause, the bar must be pressed back up with both arms extending equally to lock out the elbows

Athletes will be ranked in bodyweight classes as follows:

Lightweight Men: up to 72.00kg

Heavyweight Men: over 72.00kg

Lightweight Women: up to 62kg

Heavyweight Women: over 62.00kg

To Enter
There are no qualification requirements, anyone can enter providing they can safely and successfully complete the bench press exercise.


For further information and to enter please click here