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Duchy Network Coaches & Leaders Workshop

Coaching Athletics

Physical Preparation and Event Groups Workshop

Saturday 11th October, Carn Brea Leisure Centre

The morning workshops will be event group based with throws, speed, endurance and jumps.

Mo Pearson will be delivering throws 'back to basics';
Whether you are coaching school pupils, young athletes or International athletes it is important to have the basic principles of throwing established and reinforced regularly.
The workshop will cover a range of equipment both practical & theory based work for athletics coaches, leaders or teachers who would like to update or be introduced to all aspects of throwing.

Tony Lett will cover speed, giving an opportunity for coaches to have an input into some practical applications of warming up, mobility, programme design and specific training objectives with the help of some selected athletes.

Mark Brace will be looking at factors affecting Panning and Periodisation for Endurance; an alternative approach.

Rob Linskill covering jumps, focusing on techniques to improve take off.

There will be a chance to network with other coaches before the afternoon session with Mark Brace focusing on the importance of trunk conditioning and control.

Coaches and leaders are welcome to bring one or two key athletes on the day. For non Duchy Network coaches and leaders a £5 charge will be made.

Please contact Anneliese Heard for further details and to reserve your place on or call 07968 498709

Carn Brea Leisure Centre, Station Road, Pool, TR15 3QS. Session will take place 9:30am-2pm.