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Run for Nepal

On Friday 25th November, children in schools across the UK and Nepal will be coming together to Run for Nepal, to raise money to support the reconstruction and long-term recovery of schools affected by the 2015 earthquakes. This event has been organised for schools which are involved in Global Action Nepal's school-linking programme, the EASEL Programme. However, any schools in the UK (or further afield) are welcome to join us! This is the first time that Global Action Nepal has organised a shared event like this, but we are hoping that it will become an annual event, and that one day we will have enough children involved that together we can run the distance between the UK and Nepal - some 7340km!

This year we are starting small, asking schools to decide themselves what type of running event is best for their children. You may decide to get every child in the school running 1km or you may decide to run a marathon or a half marathon collectively. You may want to organise a running event just for the children, or you may want to get teachers and parents running too! What kind of running event you hold is up to you - all we ask is that you share with us your stories, photos, the total number of people running and the total distance covered. All of the money your school raises will go directly to Nepal to schools involved in the EASEL Programme - all of which were affected by the 2015 earthquakes in some way.
The aims behind Run for Nepal are three fold:

Bringing schools together, building a sense of Global Community
Global Action Nepal's school-linking programme has been running for a year now. Children have been writing to children in their partner schools, learning about their lives, culture & traditions, as well as raising funds to support their partner school's reconstruction. This is the first time that EASEL schools will actively work together for a common purpose.

Although we will all be running in different places, in different kinds of events, one of the ways we are hoping to bring everyone together is by getting all the children running together at the same time on the same day. To allow for the time difference, this will be at:

10am in the UK and 3.45pm in Nepal on Friday 25th November 2016

The Impact Marathon team, who will be out in Nepal organising the Nepal International Marathon, are hoping to set up a live feed from Nepal so that children can wave to each other and cheer each other on before they set off on their run. If internet capabilities do not allow for this, we will make sure we take lots of photos and video to share with schools in the UK. Please send us your photos too, so that we can share them with the Nepali schools.

Empowerment and Ownership
For the Nepali children taking part in Run for Nepal this is hugely important. Very few will have ever taken part in a fundraising event like this before. To be able to take an active role in their school's reconstruction and recovery, thereby shaping their school experience and their future, has tremendous potential for empowerment. Many of the schools Global Action Nepal works with were originally built by communities themselves, but over time have become dependent on donor funding. Raising money themselves will help revive a sense of ownership of the schools amongst the local community. Running for their schools, in the knowledge that children in the UK are running alongside them, supporting them every step of the way, will help the Nepali children taking part feel like they too can make a difference.
Global Action Nepal has a long history of working with Children's Clubs, providing extra-curricular activities and opportunities for children to develop their organizational and leadership skills. Over the next few weeks the GAN Nepal team will be working with Children's Clubs to support them to:
    *Organise their school's event; to choose a route and recruit volunteers;
 *Write letters to local businesses, explaining what they are doing and asking them to donate or support the event;
 *Identify projects which funds raised could be used for.

Sense of Achievement
More than anything, we want the children taking part in the Run for Nepal to have fun and to feel like they are achieving something - both in terms of running and raising money for the Nepali schools involved in the EASEL Programme. We have no medals or prizes to give, but we will send every school that is involved a certificate, showing how far you ran and how much money you raised - and how much we achieved together. We will also share with you details of how the money you raise is used, so that you can feedback to your school community.

If you would like to get involved in Run for Nepal please contact:

Katharine Lewis, EASEL Programme Coordinator at:  Phone: 07929976875