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Crowd Funding

Create a UNIQUE Crowd Funding Campaign with us!

What do we do:

We offer local people the opportunity to support local sport and physical activity  projects through a unique crowd funding platform. By crowd funding we mean the practice of funding a project or venture by raising contributions from a large number of people via the internet.
Its unique because as a charity donations through our platform can attract Gift Aid, turning a £100 donation into £115 for the project. Which means if you are an individual, club or other organisation looking for funding (and your not registered for Gift Aid yourself) we are the only crowd funding platform where you will get more than was originally donated!

Who do we do it for:

Any person or organisation where the purpose of the campaign is to educate, develop and improve those taking part through sport and physical activity. In practice this could mean a young athlete looking for help with training costs, a wheelchair basketball  team needing new equipment or a nordic walking group for the over 60s' who need a coach.  If you would like to raise funds for your campaign go to create a campaign.

How do we do it:

Anyone can start a campaign by completing the online application form. Once approved, you will be given a page on our site and can start promoting your cause to the local sporting and non sporting public. The public will make donations via the relevant campaign pages until the fund raising target is met, or the campaign expires whichever comes soonest.

Why do we do it:

Quite simply we want to help people achieve their full  potential and develop their skills, capacities and capabilities through sport and physical activity. This shouldn't be limited to the ability to pay.

Find out more:

For further information and support on creating a campaign please contact:
Natasha Howard
T: 01872 323347

Alternatively take a look at our Podium Partners Downloadable guide or visit

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