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1st Division St Austell Scout Group Young Leadership Weekend

St Austell scout Group Young Leadership Weekend


We arrived at the Polkerris beach car park at 9:00.
At the back of the Polkerris scout hut, we pitched our hike tents and got ready to go out on to the water for our first of 3 trips at 11:00am.
We went over the basic strokes like sweep strokes, forwards, backwards and other strokes. Then went back in for a session on leadership skills which included planning a game to play out on the water, and then stopped to have lunch.
At 3:00 we went back onto the water after building a dam that was a victory as we built it right where the tide stops! We practised surfing which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and then “practised” capsizing.
We had an indoor BBQ for tea (surprise, surprise, it was raining!) and watched an interesting film in the evening called Touching the Void while cup ‘a’ custard ‘n’ cake! Then we went to bed with the waves crashing near the opposite side of the wall.


Today was the day when we were tested for our Young Leadership Skills Award; we were tested on all the skills and strokes we had covered the previous day. We then tried out our ‘own’ games we had invented to play in the kayaks which tested and extended our kayaking and leadership skills. Once we had finished (Liam) went to be a submarine by turning over the kayak leaving an air pocket inside the kayak giving you ability to move underwater which was really fun.
We then put the kayaks away, got changed, took down the tents, bring everything across the beach and left all in time for tea!

A big thank you to all those who spent their own time to help and to everyone who organised this weekend

1st Sticker Scouts involved in canoe activity as part of their Young Leaders Award