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Sports Leaders & the Very Lazy Ladybird

The Very Lazy Ladybird

Following the success of The Great Bear Hunt in 2007 and The Very Noisy Night last year, students, at Budehaven Community School hosted a fun, practical experience and physical activity session, based on a ladybird as described in the story “The Very Lazy Ladybird” by Isobel Finn.

This took place over two days, Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th March, 2009, at Budehaven Community School. Over 300 three to five year olds dressed up as ladybirds, plus their carers were involved as well as the Health and Social Care students, Community, Higher Sports and Dance Leader students and SKYV volunteer students, who were responsible for the organisation and planning and running of the project.

The Budehaven students must be congratulated for their extremely high quality and creative input to the production of the resources which resulted in bringing the story to life and providing a “magical experience” for all those attending. The incredible team work of staff and students to make it such a successful event was unquestionable!

Mrs Denise May, Director of Sport and Assistant Head teacher said, “A combination of high quality artwork, music, dance, creativity and physical activity combined to enrich the experiences of the young children attending and was a testament to the commitment of the Budehaven students, under the expert guidance of Ms Talbot, Mrs Cann and Mrs Marshall.

It was certainly a very colourful, imaginative event, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a delight to watch!