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2010 High School Street Dance Championships


EMDP, the National Governing Body for Exercise, Movement and Dance, are pleased to announce that they are working in partnership with the organisers of the National High Schools Street Dance Championships project.

The UDO (United Dance Organisation) has launched a nationwide dance initiative to engage over 1,000 high schools and 200,000 High School children across the UK in the High Schools Street Dancing Championships.

Street Dancing is in the middle of a huge surge of interest driven by prime-time TV shows such as; Britain’s Got Talent, So you think you can dance and Dance like Michael Jackson, and young people of all age groups are trying to emulate the Street Dance groups Diversity, Animaineax and George Sampson
who have won shows such as these.

This interest has created a high demand for the National High Schools Street Dance Championships The UDO are the UK’s largest street dance organisers with over 10,000 dance members currently competing in the UK and World championships organised by the UDO The UDO’s national network of dance schools and instructors have enabled them to launch this project and we can confirm that already over 22 nationwide High School events are scheduled for 2010 with more to follow. This project will be one of the key dance projects launched this year and a flagship development for Street Dance in the UK.

The EMDP would like to invite all its partners to contact the UDO and get involved in this project.

For more information about the project or about UDO in general please contact:
Kate Lewis Office / Project Manager United Dance Organisation (UDO Ltd)
Tel: 02920 799 199

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