Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall


Since the election in July 2010, various matters have come to light which have given the incoming Executive concerns about the true financial situation of the BSA. Having taken advice from Insolvency Practitioners RogersEvans, the Executive has concluded that the BSA Ltd is insolvent, and has taken steps to put BSA Ltd into liquidation.

Notices are being sent out today (22 December 2010) by the Insolvency Practitioners RogersEvans to invite all current BSA members to a Members’ Meeting at 11am on Wednesday 19th January 2011 at the Carlton Hotel, Falmouth Road, Truro. This will be followed at 12 noon by a meeting of the company’s creditors.

A report prepared by the Liquidator will be available at that meeting and will give a full statement of affairs of BSA Ltd, including the reasons for the company’s failure.

For those BSA members who are unable to attend the meeting on 19 January, the Liquidator’s report will be posted on the BSA website at 11am on the same day.


The new Executive has acted with a view to safeguarding the future development of British surfing. We believe that rather than just trying to wallpaper over the cracks of the BSA, a clean and decisive break and a new start is the best way of creating a firm
foundation for the long-term future of our sport.

For this reason, we have set up a new company limited by guarantee which, with the support of Sport England, is to become the new National Governing Body (NGB) for surfing in Great Britain. It will also be a Registered Charity. The new governing body will
be operational from 1 January 2011 and will be called Surfing GB. Aims to be the credible and effective national governing body for surfing in Great Britain, it will be accountable and transparent, and a model of good corporate governance and employment practice. It will provide a firm foundation on which to rebuild the reputation and credibility of surfing’s national governing body, regionally, nationally and internationally, for the future. It will work with the federations of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands to create a strong, efficient and dynamic national administrative structure for surfing. It will re-engage with the regions to build a strong regional infrastructure for the development of grassroots surfing. It will restore the credibility and value of the national governing body ‘brand’ for the accreditation of teaching and coaching qualifications and quality assurance of accredited surf schools. It will work in partnership to continue to improve the quality of domestic competition, and to promote British surfing on the European and world stage.

Surfing GB

With the liquidation of the BSA Ltd, any assets will be distributed to its creditors, which means that Surfing GB has to start from scratch with an empty bank account. We are already in negotiation with funding bodies and sponsors, but in most cases, hard cash
will not be forthcoming until the start of the new financial year in April.

This is where you, members of the BSA, and the British surfing community can help us.

We can confirm that all BSA members’ current third party insurance cover will continue until January 31 2011 during the NGB’s transition from the BSA to Surfing GB. We urge anyone whose BSA membership is due to expire on or after January 19 2011 to transfer their membership to Surfing GB at the earliest opportunity. Don’t leave it to ‘wait and see’ – Surfing GB needs your support. We will be announcing membership packages and subscription rates in the New Year.

Whilst Surfing GB is a new organisation, we want to make sure that as a National Governing Body we provide continuity of membership benefits for former BSA members, as well as encouraging new members to join the new body. For this reason, our intention is that all memberships already paid to the BSA, and all benefits under those existing memberships, will continue to be provided through Surfing GB until their renewal date. For example, if you renewed your BSA membership in October 2010, it will remain valid with Surfing GB until October 2011.

We urge anyone who cares about the future of British surfing and wants now to help build a strong national governing body for the sport – one which will speak up loudly and strongly, as a campaigning, lobbying and advocacy voice for surfing and for surfers, and work tirelessly to bring funding and investment into surfing – to join Surfing GB and give the new NGB your support. It’s time to work for the future, not against the past.

GB is an entirely new organisation, and not just the BSA under a different name.