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Active Cornwall Blog 5: Return to play after 84 days away

Womens football

I'll keep this short as there is sport to be played! Lace up your shoes and boots!

It's been a while but outdoor sport is back in time for the longer days as we begin British summertime. And it looks like there will be more people returning to play this year.

Latest research from Sport England suggests people are less worried about returning to activity now that the vaccine rollout has started. This is great news all round.

Whatever your sport or activity if you have been sat waiting for this day since January, chances are you are one short enthusiastic leap away from injury and a visit to the physiotherapist. Please for yourselves and those who rely on you for their activity encourage people back sensibly. There is a useful generic guide to warming up for before activity here  Add in your own sport specific exercises and you will be good to go. I am continually surprised how many people play their sport at grassroots level without a  warm up of any sort. Perhaps now is the time to instil those good practices as part of our new normal as people return to your sport.

After previous lockdowns one of the biggest concerns about returning to activity was about clubs and venues not being seen to follow the relevant guidance. This doesnt mean they were not following the guidance just that people were unsure if they were. Leave your participants in no doubt that they can return with confidence. If you can make sure that your venue or activity is really clear on and observes the guidance you will be setting yourselves up for success and a great summer ahead.

Sport England have provided comprehensive guidance on returning to sport and physical activity, including the following;

  • Guidance for clubs on reopening
  • Five simple ways to help people return to sport and physical activity
  • The current rules
  • Return to play funds
  • Latest research

Read the comprehensive guidance here

The opening of outdoor sport is a small step towards relaxing further restrictions. There is an expectation as there was with schools returning that there will be a rise in infections. It is up to all of us to make sure this increase is a small as possible. Dont put the roadmap at risk, social distancing guidelines still apply. Follow the guidelines. Hands, face, space.

Stay safe and Enjoy your activity!

Mike Thomas
Active Cornwall