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Active lives need active places

Active Design Film

From great cycle routes to well-lit footpaths, Sport England have brought their Active Design guidance to life to show you how where we live can be transformed.

Sport England's new Active Design film and case studies show how we can make it easier for people to do sport and physical activity by designing towns and cities in a different way.

Active Design - for planners, urban designers, developers and health professionals - is a combination of 10 principles promoting activity, health and stronger communities.

See Active Design in action
The Sport England film visualises how it works, and is backed by three case studies which show the principles in action.

While sport isn't for everyone, we want to show how simple changes to the places around us can help make physical activity possible for all.

Sport England

Ten ways to build healthy communities

Active Design's 10 key principles to inspire the design and layout of our neighbourhoods, include:
• Well-lit and connected walking and cycle routes
• Homes, shops and schools all within walking distance of each other
• Networks of safe, multifunctional open spaces
• High quality and attractive public streets.

You can read their Active Design guidance, produced in partnership with Public Health England, and take a look at the case studies to learn more.
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