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Active People Becomes Active Lives & its good news for Cornwall!

Active Lives Survey

New figures for participation in sport and physical activity were released on 25th January from Sport England's new Active Lives Survey, giving new insight into how people get active across the nation, and show Cornwall and the IOS as the 3rd most active area.

The survey, which runs 365 days a year, asks people over 16 across England about the sport and physical activities they take part in. Results will be published twice a year and include the number of adults who do less than 30 minutes and more that 150 minutes (the guidelines recommended by the Chief Medical Officer) of moderate intensity sport and physical activity per week and also includes the most popular types of activity.

The first round of the survey was completed by 200,000 people nationally and 1,000 people in Cornwall between November 2015 and November 2016, making Active Lives the biggest and most comprehensive survey of its kind.

In line with the Government's new strategy for sport and physical activity and Cornwall's newly published Physically Activity Strategy, many different types of activity are now included - such as walking, cycling for travel and dance - reflecting the full range of what people actually do. Sessions are only included in the figures if they are done at least at 'moderate intensity', which means raising your heart rate and getting a little out of breath.

Active Lives Survey

Figures from the Active Lives survey show 25.6% of adults are currently inactive nationally and 19.2% in Cornwall. There are some big differences within these numbers with people in the highest socio economic groups tend to be more active than those in the lower groups and you're significantly more likely to be inactive if you're aged over 55. 51% of disabled people with three or more impairments are inactive, compared to 21% of people without disabilities.

In contrast, 60.7% of adults nationally and 70.5% in Cornwall do at least 150 minutes of activity per week, meeting the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines for weekly activity. More men than women are physically active, especially in sporting activities. The figures show the enormous role that walking, fitness activities and playing sport have in people's lives, with many people doing several different things to add up to an active lifestyle.

Mike Thomas, Director at  Cornwall Sports Partnership commented "This new survey and the findings released from Sport England in line with the new Chief Medical Officer Guidelines establishes a good baseline for our collective vision in Cornwall to get 50,000 more people more active by 2020. The partnership approach through the newly published Physical Activity Strategy for Cornwall sets out how we aim to achieve this and having this insight available from Sport England can only help us achieve this collective goal."

If you would like to speak to us about the Sport England Active Lives Survey, please contact us onT: 01872 323344