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Be part of Big Dance 2012, the UK's biggest ever celebration of dance

Big Dance Cornwall

The Countdown to Big Dance as officially started! If you're running a dance event or activity between now and 9 September 2012, get involved by registering on the Big Dance website.
People and organisations from across the UK have come together through Big Dance 2012 to show the huge range of opportunities available for everyone to get involved in dance of all kinds. Listings are searchable by area, event type or dance style and include performances, social dance events, festivals, classes and workshops - it doesn't have to be something specially organised for Big Dance, so 'regular' classes are as welcome as one-off events.
It only takes a few minutes to register an event, or as many events as you like, and it's free. Once an event is approved you can use the Big Dance logo as a badge of support and to help spread the word.
Register now by clicking here