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Boccia Development Grants

Boccia England

The purpose of the Boccia Development Grant is to encourage growth in the sport of boccia. Grants are available to organisations, schools, community groups, councils, and boccia clubs who will increase the number of new disabled young people and adults regularly playing boccia once a week or more often.

Boccia England is offering Boccia Development Grants of up to £500 for projects that will:
• Create new opportunities for participation in boccia.
• Engage new disabled young people and adults in boccia.
• Build and develop sustainable exit routes for the new participants to maintain lasting participation in boccia.
• Develop long-term partnerships to ensure involvement in boccia is retained.
• Encourage volunteering within the sport of boccia.
• Establish a new community Boccia Club.
• Be completed by the 31st March 2015 including the return of all monitoring and evaluation forms associated with the grant.

What can you apply for?
Grants are available for associated project costs such as:
• Purchase of equipment available for use by more than one member of the group. (Buying equipment shouldn't be the focus of your project and equipment should be used as a means to getting new disabled young people and adults regularly playing boccia. Any application for equipment should explain why it is needed and how it will achieve this.)
• Facility hire to run new boccia sessions.
• Promotional costs of new sessions.
• Paying for the training and development of sports coaches, officials and volunteers to deliver the project.

What do you need to tell us?
We'll ask you for brief information about your Club / organisation and the project you'd like Boccia England to fund. We want to know about the activity you want to organise, the number of disabled young people and adults who will benefit from this project and how you've identified a need for it. Who will be delivering on the project and qualifications they hold. We need to know how much funding you're applying for - up to the maximum £500 grant available per group - and what it would be spent on. We'll also ask you to confirm that you agree to the conditions of the grant if your application is successful. Finally you'll need to tell us how your project will help to achieve one or more of the relevant priorities set out in our Whole Sport Plan.

For more information and an application form please contact Marc Scott - Club Development Officer on 0115 967 8455 or