Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

Camborne Community splashes out in summer of Pool Fun!


A variety of water based activities supported by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) and organised by the Neighbourhood Manager (Cornwall Council Localism Dept) have been running at Carn Brea Leisure Centre over the summer.

The partners aimed to get people from the deprived area of West Camborne into their local pool and use swimming as a form of activity, fitness and fun.

It all started off by consulting local residents through the neighbourhood office, residents association and youth groups, to determine their 4 favourite sessions.
The activities where then advertised through the community newsletter, and word of mouth. Sessions then started at the beginning of the summer, and ran until the end of the school holidays.

So far: Parent and child swimming classes, Free family swimming sessions, a snorkelling session and Ladies only Aquafit have taken place. Six parents with young babies signed up for swimming classes; and nine teenagers took part in an extremely successful snorkelling session where they all gained certificates, one young resident who had a snorkelling qualification was able to help the instructor deliver the session and add the voluntary hours towards his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Over 40 families have signed up for family swims and 190 people in total have taken up the opportunity, some families have been taking their children swimming more than once a week.

However, the single most inspiring project has been the ladies Aquafit; over 30 women aged 13 to over 60 have attended the weekly sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed it, hoping it can continue after the initial 6 weeks. It started off with 15 women and more and more are joining each week as they tell their friends and neighbours how much fun it is.

Heather, who is 62 (today), says: “I have not been in a pool for over 20 years I reckon I have battled breast cancer and recently lost 4.5 stone through weightwatchers so I can get my hip replacement operation done. I love it, it helps me to lose weight and my hips feel much looser and less painful, also I enjoy the social bit of getting out and meeting other ladies”.

Claire Arymar, neighbourhood manager, said: “This project has been heart warming and inspiring, ladies have embraced the Aquafit sessions and have had a great laugh too, the instructor is fun and all of us can feel the burn at the end! I hope to continue on with the sessions with any money left in the pot.