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CAPH Time 2 Move Primary School of the Year - Ambition Winners Announced


After receiving some fantastic nominations from across the county, a winner for each of the six Time 2 Move ambitions was chosen earlier this month.

1)  Curriculum Delivery - 'Engage young people, teachers and other adults in an enjoyable, high quality, broad and balanced PE curriculum which develops the skills and confidence of all our young people and motivates them to fulfil their potential'.

Congratulations to the winners of the curriculum delivery category:
Treloweth School! PE co-ordinator, Patrick Shaughnessy, is keen to make use of various resources and schemes of work to help aid teachers in confidently delivering lessons in a fun and active way. The use of physical activity breaks both inside and outside the classroom environment means that children are more focused and ready to learn.  Another huge benefit is pupils can use the interactive platform at home, so their parents can get involved too! Staff at Treloweth believe that by including physical activity across the curriculum and making lessons more fun and engaging, whilst getting parents on board, they can inspire young people to make physical activity a part of their daily lives!

2)  Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing - 'Ensure that all young people are aware of health related issues and are supported to make informed choices to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle within and beyond the school day'.

Congratulations to the winners of the physical activity, health and wellbeing category:
Nancealverne School! As a special school, staff at Nancealverne have worked hard to understand how to engage young people with various needs to promote and encourage an ethos of physical activity for all. After working collaboratively with pupils, they began offering more opportunities for children to be active in a way that suited them, at times that suited them. Not only are children more active, but staff have seen more children playing together and socialising which has had benefits on their wellbeing too.

3)  Diverse and Inclusive - 'Provide a fully inclusive offer that recognises the diverse needs of specific groups and identifies tailored opportunities for all young people including those who are designated pupil premium, with special educational needs, disability and high potential'.

Congratulations to the winners of the diverse and inclusive category:
Cubert School!
Staff at Cubert worked closely with an occupational therapist to understand how physical activity could have added benefits for those children who access their nurture environments. Head teacher Karen Brown and PE co-ordinator Tom Hyde recognised that by introducing new and exciting ways to be physically active, whilst promoting risk taking and problem solving, children could build confidence which transferred back into the classroom environment. Equally, they wanted to promote the social benefits that activity can bring to children. By allowing pupils to integrate at play times, those who take time out from their usual classroom to access the nurture facilities can socialise with their peers in a fun and happy way. Team building and turn taking is promoted which helps create friendships and includes everyone.

4)  Competition - 'Provide a well organised, appropriate and enjoyable programme of competitions and festivals for students of all abilities at a local and county level and linking to National Governing Bodies'.

Congratulations to the winners of the Competition category:
Trevithick Learning Academy!
 Promoting competition to all pupils in their school, with a special focus on girls and children who are accessing their ARB unit. By taking a whole school approach to getting pupils involved in inter house and external competition, children at Trevithick are more confident and resilient when it comes to winning and losing. Pupils have represented their school in various events including the School Games where there is a breadth of opportunity to try new and exciting sports. Pupils at Trevithick have shown wider school improvements from being involved in competitions such as team work, growth mindset and determination.

5)  Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering - 'Provide pathways to introduce and develop leadership skills that aim to deploy young leaders in roles such as coaching, officiating, administration, event organisation and communications'.

Congratulations to the winners of the leadership, coaching and volunteering category:
Alverton School!
Abbie Dennison PE lead and Year 3 teacher noticed a distinct drop in girls taking part in PE. By working collaboratively with a group of pupils who were interviewed and 'hired' for the role, staff could begin to understand why there was such a decline in girls being active. Abbie learned that girls wanted opportunities to play, try new sports and be active without boys being involved so that they didn't feel pressured or inadequate. They also wanted to try different sports to find what they liked. From this, the GALs were formed. Young female leaders encourage other girls to have a go at new sports; they go on training to enhance their leadership skills and are given opportunities to play without boys present. The benefits have been that more girls are engaged in PE and physical activity, younger girls are inspired to get involved by having positive role models, and an increase in confidence is plain to see.

6)  Community Collaboration - 'Ensure opportunities for young people of all abilities to extend their school or college activity transitioning into sustained community based sport'.

Congratulations to the winners of the community collaboration category:
Gulval School! Staff at Gulval rely on the help and support of their community volunteers to help maintain the vegetable patch and look after the animals they have on site. This unique set up allows children to grow, harvest and sell their produce back to the local community so the children get to be involved in every process. As well as this, Healthy Active Lifestyle Co-ordinator Scott Markham has drawn on the expertise of the community around the school to offer high level coaching and help develop and up-skill staff in their PE delivery. By opening the school up to the local community, children are confident in engaging with adults, asking questions and have a wide understanding of the world around them. Above all, these opportunities provide children at Gulval with an understanding of how to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

Here's what happens next:


  • July 2019 - Category winners chosen by panel, schools informed and six schools will be filmed.
  • 8th November  2019 - Shortlisted finalists showcased and winner voted for at the PE/SS Conference
  • 8th November - Winner announced at PE/SS Conference

Further information can be found on our Time 2 Move - CAPH Primary School of the Year page here