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Chance for sports clubs to raise millions at the click of a button

Chance for sports clubs to raise millions at the click of a button

Former England cricket captain Mike Gatting has joined Sport England and JustGiving in urging sports clubs across England to capitalise on a new opportunity to raise money online.

JustGiving for Sports Clubs is a new partnership between Sport England and JustGiving, that aims to help grassroots sports clubs raise over £22 million for themselves over the next five years by making it easier to fund raise - and to claim back the Gift Aid clubs are entitled to. Delivered in association with CCPR, the scheme will free up the volunteers who run local clubs to concentrate on what they do best – running sport.

JustGiving has dropped its usual subscription fee - worth £180 a year for every club, so clubs can sign up today. The campaign has the support of all three main political parties.

“Funding raising for sports clubs can be time-consuming and daunting – and takes volunteers away from what they do best – running sport,” said Mike Gatting, who is now the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Managing Director of Cricket Partnerships. “JustGiving for Sports Clubs could really make a difference by helping clubs raise more money for sport in a quick and simple way.

“I’m urging everyone involved in running sports clubs to sign up today – and starting making a real difference in the local community.”

JustGiving for Sports Clubs is open to any registered Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) and will hopefully mean the end to dog-eared sponsorship forms and rattling collection tins after matches. The benefits for clubs include:

  • Money can be raised more easily and efficiently
  • JustGiving makes claiming Gift Aid easy, as they do all the administration for clubs. Through Gift Aid, the Government will give clubs up to 28p for every £1 raised
  • Payments through JustGiving are weekly, so clubs know when they are coming and can plan ahead.
  • Ashley Cricket Club in Cheshire is one club that has already tried out JustGiving, raising £480 in donations in just two weeks and receiving a further £140 in Gift Aid.

“In this tough economic climate, we need to do everything possible to support the community sport clubs that do so much to get more people playing and enjoying sport,” said our Chief Executive, Jennie Price. “That’s why I’m urging sports clubs across the country to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

“Thanks to JustGiving for Sports Clubs, community sport’s fabulous army of volunteers will now be able to spend more time on sport and less time on fundraising.”

The campaign is also encouraging sports clubs which are not registered for CASC status to sign up – and gain from other benefits such as 80% mandatory business rate relief in addition to the right to claim Gift Aid.

“We hope that this change will not just enable existing clubs to claim Gift Aid more easily but that it will encourage other community sports clubs who have not yet registered as CASCs to join the scheme,” said Anne-Marie Huby, JustGiving’s Managing Director.

“There are thousands of clubs out there which are missing out on the benefits of CASC membership and in these tough economic times benefits like this can make all the difference.”

To find out more about registering as a Community Amateur Sports Club, and using JustGiving to raise more money for sport, go to JustGiving’s website