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Coaching Children Curriculum for NGBs

Sports Coach UK

sports coach UK has published a Coaching Children Curriculum to provide governing bodies of sport with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the needs of children in, and through, sport.

This knowledge will support the creation of generic and sport-specific training for children's coaches - leading to a specialist workforce that will help children follow their dreams, have fun and realise their potential through sport.

The Curriculum will evolve and be updated to reflect best practice and new research.

Why has the Curriculum been developed?
The Curriculum was identified as a key priority of the Coaching Children Action Plan 2010-2013.

The Plan was produced to address the participation needs of children.

It was developed by sports coach UK in consultation with partners such as the Youth Sport Trust, the Association for Physical Education, the Child Protection in Sport Unit, Home Country Sports Councils and a wide array of coach developers.

To view the Curriculum please click here.