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Community Action Through Sport (CATS) looking to build more branches

Community Action Through Sport

Community Action Through Sport (CATS) are looking for support from the community to be a part of the CATS committees in Launceston and the Redruth, Hayle and Camborne area.

The committee would ideally include people from all areas of the community, from sports to Police officers/psco's, and youth organisations. The local schools are very important that we have them onboard, even if they are just aware of the CATS branch in their area so they can refer young people to both the sports diversionary programme and the awards evenings.

CATS promotes, recognises and rewards all young people for positive community action with sports based awards. It was established in 2005 in Bude, North Cornwall, in answer to anti-social behaviour and in response to a dispersal area being imposed on the young people.

These young people, along with representatives from the local police and secondary school set out to raise the reputation of young people in the area. It was felt that there are many positive actions from young people and that this should be recognised and rewarded. CATS was the solution... creating a Big Society before its time.

Simply put, CATS offers all young people the opportunity to get involved, in a positive way with their community. This positive action is then awarded with sports activities and/or healthy living rewards. Very often sports that the young person has not had the opportunity to try or considered before.

CATS works by drawing together the experience and facilities of different organisations. In order to set up CATS Branches we work with:

  • Schools, both primary and secondary
  • Police
  • Councils
  • Youth groups and services
  • Sports providers
  • Sports clubs
  • Everyone in your community

Each CATS Branch annually holds:

  • Awards Evening
  • Youth Project for Young People (YP4YP)
  • Sports Diversionary Programme (fully funded)

More CATS Branches have now been established around Devon and Cornwall, rewarding hundreds of young people for their positive community action, and funding has been secured in order to role the CATS ethos out across the UK. So, if you would be keen to help spread the good work that they do further and live in Launceston or the Hayle, Camborne and Reruth area (or potentially anywhere else that there is not currently a branch), contact them to discuss how you could get involved.

Karen Hemmings: 01288 488 086 /

Twitter: @CATS_Headoffice
Facebook: search 'Community Action Through Sport'