Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

Continuing strong support from Stakeholders


The views of our stakeholders continue to offer strong support for the work of Cornwall Sports Partnership (CSP).

We thought the results were particularly pleasing given the changing nature of our role, moving our focus to working with inactive audiences and less about supporting those who are already active.

• 25% of respondents feel that their relationship with the CSP is a lot better than  last year, with 59% saying it has stayed the same, while  9% feel the relationship is a little worse
• Views about the value added by the CSP  including the quality of support and advice given remained high with a small increase since last year with 94% satisfied or very satisfied
• The greatest value for stakeholders was added in support given, working in partnership and providing information and insight
• Our performance in building strong local partnerships showed further improvement with 41% very satisfied and increase of 5% on the previous year.

It is always of interest to understand were stakeholders think we could make further improvements and this included 'partnership working', 'insight and knowledge' and 'support'. The areas for further improvement mirror those where we are already adding recognised value, which on first sight is a little surprising, though probably indicates a large and growing appetite for this area of work.

Mike Thomas, Director at Cornwall Sports Partnership, said: "These results are very pleasing and a just reward for the hard work and skill the team have applied to their work over the past year. We  will be looking at the results with the aim of making further improvements to our services"

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