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Cornish people are on the move to a healthier lifestyle

Cornish people are on the move to a healthier lifestyle

Cornwall is considerably more active than it was four years ago, according to Europe’s largest survey of sport and active recreation.

The latest results from Active People, Sport England’s national sport and recreational activity survey, have recently been released; and a statistically significant increase in participation within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been revealed.

Showing one of the highest increases in the South West and greatly above the national average, data retrieved from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has indicated that 23.64% of the Cornish population is now regularly participating in moderate intensity sport and active recreation - compared to 21.2% in 2006.

Cornwall has also achieved an increase in participation towards the national 1 Million Target, Sport England’s aim to get 1 million people taking part in more sport by 2012-13 during the run up to the Olympics. Pure sport participation in Cornwall has risen to 16.63% - compared to just 13.9% in 2006.

Mike Thomas, Strategic Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership says: “Considerable efforts have been made to engage the adult population of Cornwall in getting more active;  with innovative projects such as ‘Back to Netball’ and a ‘Healthy Active Workplace’ scheme, amongst other initiatives such as Free Swimming for the over 60’s.

“We’re delighted that all the hard work of Cornwall’s sports professionals and volunteers has achieved such positive results and, with new efforts to target the adult population in Cornwall currently in progress alongside the extension of existing successful schemes, it is hoped that this trend will continue for years to come.”

‘Back to Netball’ sessions are being rolled out to more venues across Cornwall whilst the Healthy Active Workplace initiative also continues to grow, with recognition from major employers such as Cornwall Council and the NHS. Running alongside a whole host of other projects, it is hoped these initiatives will encourage Cornwall’s population to get more active and possibly even revisit their youth through the enjoyment of sport and active leisure pursuits.

As one Back to Netball participant said: “I just can’t think why I stopped; it’s still as much fun as it was when I was at school”.