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Cornwall College becomes 50th college to join London 2012's Get Set network


Cornwall College has become the 50th college to successfully join the Get Set network by demonstrating its commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic values.

Russell Lawrance, Director of Sport from Cornwall College, commented: "The Olympic ethos promotes unity, inclusion and opportunity. The Games represent the single most significant opportunity in our lifetime to build on the strengths of the region and drive up sports participation and to inspire our young people to believe in the power of the Olympic ethos.

"With this in mind we have been working at the college over the last few years to achieve a sport model that promotes inclusion and opportunity and we have tried to promote events that would do that and at the same time be unique and special to Cornwall and the College."

Colleges that are members of the Get Set network will be in the best possible position to secure an allocation of London 2012 Ticketshare tickets next year.  As of 4 November, there are now 53 colleges in the Network with 12 further colleges joining the network in the past two weeks.

Full information on how to join the network can be found by clicking here