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Cornwall Council Leisure Resources Strategy

Cornwall Council LRS

The Leisure Resources Strategy relates to the Council's assets and resources for the provision of Leisure Services in Cornwall. It seeks to set a framework against which Councillors can make decisions about those resources and also to give clarity to external stakeholders about the Council's plans. It is set in the context of significant reductions to public sector funding and a requirement for substantial investment in the current estate.

The Council's ambition for leisure provision in Cornwall is that there is a sustainable network of leisure facilities and activities available to residents and visitors across Cornwall that contributes to local health, wellbeing and the economy of Cornwall, at no cost to the Council.

The strategy includes a set of objectives which should be met to fulfil this ambition. The strategy has been developed using an extensive evidence base and following wideranging consultation. As a result the Council has identified that the way in which it is most likely to achieve its ambition to transfer ownership/provision of its leisure facilities to another organisation/s.

In order to meet the needs of the whole population, the preferred method of doing this is through finding a solution for the whole network rather than individual arrangements for each site, however if this is not possible then alternative arrangements will be sought. This document also sets out key issues that the Council would like to address with regards to its formal leisure provision alongside a headline action plan.

Below is a copy of the full report for you to download.