Coronavirus, an update from Active Cornwall

Cornwall School Games - Urgent Update

Cornwall School Games

This is an URGENT MESSAGE regarding the 2017 Cornwall School Games taking place on Friday 30th June 2017.

Please note that the following events are indoor and will go ahead:




Badminton @ Bude

Basketball @ Bude

Basketball @ Bude

Dance @ Launceston

Bowls @ Launceston (modified into smaller indoor area)

Projectability @ Launceston

Dance @ Bude

Skate/Scoot @ Launceston

Golf @ Launceston (modified into indoor area)


Gymnastics @ Bude


Swimming @ Bude



The following outdoor events have been deemed safe by the organisers and therefore will go ahead:

Please note that there is minimal shelter, if you have a school or personal gazebo, please bring it! Please also bring plenty of spare clothes!




Y3/4 & Y5/6 Tennis (will be moved to Dragon Leisure Centre - Indoor)

Girls Rugby @ Bude

Triathlon @ Launceston

Rounders @ Bude (moved to astro)


Please arrive at the times outlined in your event information letter - sent previously by James Davies or look on the event page on our website. Registration and opening ceremonies will be indoors!




Unfortunately the following events have been cancelled due to safety/welfare concerns from Event Organisers, host schools and School Games Organisers:


Primary (looking to reschedule 7th July - please confirm)

Secondary (looking to reschedule 7th July - please confirm)

Hockey @  Bude

Athletics @ Carn Brea 7th July -definite new Carn Brea date

Netball @ Bude

Cricket @ Launceston

Quad Kids @ Launceston

Tag Rugby League @ Bude

Tag Rugby Festival @ Bude





As of 3pm today, please bear in mind that there will be no one in the office to take calls/emails.


If you have an urgent enquiry, please phone:

Rachel Knott - 07973 81352

Tim Marrion - 07973 497454