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Cornwall Sports Partnership gets thumbs up from Stakeholders!

The Results

We are delighted that the headline results from our annual stakeholder survey confirm that in the eyes of our stakeholders we are continuing to improve in many key areas of our work. 89% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the value we added to their work during 2015, this was an improvement of 15% since 2014.

The quality of our support and advice showed a 10% improvement up from 82% satisfied or very satisfied in 2014 to 92% in 2015. The biggest impact we made on your work was considered to be our support for club development, followed by helping to build relationships and our local knowledge and insight.

Satisfaction increased with our e-mail communications and e-newsletter, though there was slight decrease in satisfaction with our website. We also found that a good proportion of respondents were not fully aware of the range of support and services offered, which we will look to address during 2016.


"We are very pleased with the positive results from the survey as the views of our stakeholders are crucial to help us to continue improving. These results are a great credit to everyone within the team who has worked hard to deliver excellent services across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. However there are always improvements to be made, and we will look in detail at all the results from the survey to ensure that we make further improvements this coming year." commented CSP Director Mike Thomas

Every year we survey our key stakeholders to help us understand what they are valuing in the services we provide. This year we surveyed 74 key stakeholders including governing bodies of sport, sports clubs, charities and education partners. We ask questions about our overall impact, advice and guidance, quality of service, would you recommend us and about marketing and communications.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who took time to complete the survey.

Have a view on the CSP performance or want to know more about the stakeholder survey results, then get in touch with CSP Director Mike Thomas