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Cornwall Together - cheaper energy for the county

Cornwall Together

Cheaper energy together.

Every year people in the UK waste £4 billion on their energy.

Cornwall Together is a group of Cornish people, joining together to save money on their energy bills. Simple as that.

How it works

You register, with energy bill in hand, and give a few details about your current energy usage.

Then, when they have enough people on board, they'll negotiate a special deal with electricity and gas suppliers. Heating oil will follow a slightly different process. They'll then come back to you with two options for a better energy deal, including one which is likely to be cheaper and one which is likely to be from energy from a more sustainable source. You don't have to switch, but their aim is to find you a better deal.

The benefits

  • Save money. Group buying this way will help many people cut their energy bills. They calculate that they could save Cornish households hundreds of pounds on their bills - as a county they estimate we could save £240 million.
  • Reduce fuel poverty. Vulnerable and hard-to-reach members of the Cornish community will benefit the most, so they're working with partners like the NHS, Cornwall Council, St Austell Brewery, Community Energy Plus and Unison so everyone can access cheaper energy.
  • It's free. Cornwall Together is a collaboration that aims to benefit everyone in our county.
  • Give back to Cornwall. They'll give 10% of the money raised to a Cornish fund. The money you save on energy will most likely go back into your local economy. It will also create jobs in Cornwall.

Who is Cornwall Together?

Cornwall Together Limited is a subsidiary of Eden Project Limited.  Cornwall Together Limited, Keo Energyshare Limited and uSwitch Limited are working together to deliver the Cornwall Together project to you.

How does Cornwall Together make money?

  • Cornwall Together is free for consumers to use.
  • They are an organisation with a social purpose, but will look to cover our costs by charging a fee to the winning supplier.
  • They will be transparent about their costs and the total amount of commission recieved once the supplier process has been completed.
  • As well as covering their costs, Cornwall Together will re-invest 10% of the money into a fund to help alleviate fuel poverty in Cornwall and will seek match-funding for that sum.