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Corporate Get Active Challenge winners are announced

Sarah-Jane Brown and Mark Hambly of Putting the Health into Environmental Health

2012 Corporate Get Active Challengers were awarded well-earned prizes this week as the Cornwall Sports Partnership's invigorating contest drew to a close. 

The Challenge ran for six weeks from Monday October 8 to Sunday 18 November through the website, which encouraged Cornish companies and organisations to get active and plot their progress while circumnavigating the Cornish coastline.  Fifty-six teams of three took up the baton and attempted the course by undertaking various sports and activities to improve and maintain their fitness. 

By the end of the Challenge, 31,409 miles and 13,137,000 steps had been recorded collectively by participating teams with 77% of contenders finishing the course, ten teams travelling the distance twice, three teams looping the course three times, and one team spectacularly trouncing the Challenge four times over.

A selection of Challengers was awarded for their extraordinary achievements. The Furthest Distance Travelled was accomplished by Putting the Health into Environmental Health, completing an epic 1,419 miles.  The Barnstormers won an Outstanding Sports Contribution for a whopping 1,006,000 steps accrued, and The A Team was recognised for completing the Most Varied Activities, which included over twenty different varieties of sessions included gymnastics, cycling, boxing and dancing, amongst others.

Alongside changing individual's and team attitudes towards being active, the Challenge also had an affect on friends and family members.  The A Team's Leader, Kelly Martin enthuses, "The Challenge has changed my life.  I no longer sit in front of the TV because I've enrolled in so many new ventures including boxercise, the gym, badminton, walking coastal paths, and I've entered into a 10k race.

The Challenge has impacted on my family too, my partner has also joined a running club and his son now attends the school rugby club which for two years he wasn't brave enough to try. I lost 20lbs while completing the Challenge and don't intend to stop this lifestyle change!"

Challengers favoured walking as their most popular activity with gardening, running, cycling and visiting the gymnasium their top five pursuits. Those somewhat braver took to sky diving, aerial rope courses, and snow boarding while others hit ice skate rinks, yoga mats and dance floors.

Mike Thomas, Director at the Cornwall Sports Partnership, says: "The Corporate Get Active Challenge has been running for two years now and year-on-year teams have never failed to surprise us with their level of tenacity, ingenuity, hard work and fun loving spirit.

The majority of 2012 participants who have given us feedback say the Challenge has had a positive effect on their life and well-being and that they would do it again, which is great news.  If the Challenge's popularity continues to gain momentum we will be able to run more of them and encourage a greater number of people to get active.  For us, that would be a tremendous achievement."

The Corporate Get Active Challenge will next be going live spring 2013 but anyone can sign up to take part in a personal or private team Challenge now at: