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Could Shark-A-Tag be coming to your School?


Shark-A-Tag is a new concept in touch American Football making the game accessible to all ages, genders and abilities. A game that can be played in school, the park or on the beach. All you need is a ball!
It is a fast, fun and exciting form of the sport that includes the basic movements:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throwing

It provides learning opportunities to develop these competencies, leading to increased confidence and enthusiasm for participation in lifelong physical activity and sport.

High quality delivery of physical education in the curriculum can inspire young people to succeed and sometimes to excel in physical activity and competitive sport.

Making sure the sessions are FUN is the key to engagement for all young people, regardless of their starting point in relation to their physical fitness, with continued support to help them think about their health and fitness choices.

Sport 4 Impact

Participation in Shark-A-Tag is so much fun that many youngsters who previously avoided sport find they can contribute and don't even know they are getting fitter. American Football, as most people recognize it, has players of all different shapes and sizes with different skills - some with speed, agility and catching skills whilst others, just as important to the team explode short bursts of strength and power.

The opportunity for extremely unfit youngsters to join in and feel they are contributing is one of the things that makes the sport so popular at grassroots level.

The sport helps young people to become physically confident in a way that contributes in a holistic way to their overall wellbeing.

As with other sports, American Football helps build character and embed values including fairness, teamwork and mutual respect whilst at the same time improving agility, coordination, balance, strategic thinking and working with others and as an individual testing themselves competitively against opponents and their own drive to succeed.

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