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Dive drive set to boost number of sub-aqua leaders


Sport England has invested £15,000 in a new project set to increase the number of ‘Dive Leaders’ working in diving and sub-aqua clubs across the country.

The funding, which will be matched by The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), will help existing trained divers to progress to what is seen as an ‘aspirational diving grade’ for many participants – Dive Leader. BSAC has prioritised this qualification because a significant number of its new members have ambitions to reach this level. By creating more opportunities to train as Dive Leaders, the project will help keep those participants involved and create more opportunities for new divers to learn the sport from qualified instructors.

The project follows another successful BSAC programme last year, also funded by Sport England, which trained 300 extra snorkelling instructors in just three months.

‘Dive Leaders 2011’ will include:

  • Regional training days
  • Support for regional and club-based courses in oxygen administration and rescue
  • Training materials and resources.

“Dive Leaders play a pivotal development role within our clubs and BSAC as they are the new level of dive managers, expedition leaders and potential Open Water Instructors,” said BSAC’s National Diving Officer, Jeff Reed. “For BSAC and its clubs to maintain a sustainable model of membership, we need to invest in these key grades. The Dive Leader project is an ideal opportunity to practically support our clubs in their own membership retention and growth.”

“Dive Leaders 2011 has the potential to make a real impact on diving because it has something to offer everyone who takes part,” said Phil Smith, Sport England’s Director of Sport. “Whether it means getting your next diving qualification or creating more instructors to teach new participants, we hope it will make this already popular sport even more attractive.”

The investment for this project comes from Sport England’s Impact and Improvement Fund, administered by Sport and Recreation Alliance, which supports smaller national governing bodies of sport as they develop and expand their activities.

For more information about Dive Leaders 2011 and the work BSAC is doing to get more people taking part in, and enjoying, diving, you can visit the BSAC website