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Get ready to celebrate the Games

2012 Local Leaders

If you want to plan a celebration for the Olympic or Paralympic Games, then look no further. London 2012 have launched a scheme called Local Leaders. This provides people across the whole of the UK with the opportunity to get access to ideas, hints and tips to organise their celebrations.

Becoming a Local Leader is really simple. Just provide your email address on the website and once signed up, Local Leaders will receive email updates each month with helpful things such as:

  • Hints and tips
  • Planning guides
  • Decoration ideas
  • Posters to use
  • Save the date cards

You can sign up to be a Local Leader here:

Help London 2012 spread the word
After signing up to be a Local Leader yourself, please can you help with communicating this message to your (networks, databases, contacts). London 2012 have put together this simple email that can be sent out. This can be used to get people to sign up.

London 2012 will also arrange for you to get access to their communications toolkit. Here you'll find everything you need to promote the sign up of Local Leaders including copy, images, posters. If you would like access to this toolkit, please email:

Through signing up to the toolkit you will also receive access to Local Leader team at London 2012 for regular updates on the programme.