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Government announces CASC review

Sport England welcomes today's Government announcement of a change to the rules on Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that will allow clubs to offer junior memberships without voting rights and still qualify as a CASC.

The Government has also announced plans to hold a public consultation in the spring to review the qualifying conditions needed for sports clubs to become CASCs, including the level of membership fees, social income, travel expenses and payment to players.

The consultation is an opportunity for clubs, sport government bodies and other interested parties to put forward their thoughts on the scheme and address concerns regarding eligibility rules within the current legislation that are unclear and cause confusion.

Clearer and more certain rules would help existing and prospective clubs to be confident about what they need to do to qualify, and would help ensure that the scheme supports and encourages sport at a community level. 

The CASC scheme provides a number of charity-type tax reliefs to support local sports clubs.  In order to access them, clubs must meet conditions and a register with HM Revenue and Customs.