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Government announces new strategy to strengthen sport from the grassroots to the elite

New Government Strategy

Public investment into community sport is to reach children as young as five as part of a ground-breaking new strategy on sport announced by sports minister Tracey Crouch.

The move will see Sport England's remit changed from investing in sport for those aged 14 and over to supporting people from five years old right through to pensioners, in a bid to create a more active nation.  The Sport England brief will also be widened to include more informal activities such as walking.

Investment will be targeted at sport projects that have a meaningful, measurable impact on how they are improving people's lives - from helping young people gain skills to get into work, to tackling social inclusion and improving physical and mental health.

Funding will also be targeted at groups who have low participation rates to encourage those who do not take part in sport and physical activity to get involved. This includes supporting women, disabled people, those in lower socio-economic groups and older people. Sport England will set up a new fund in 2016 to get inactive people physically active and will support and measure participation in sport and wider physical activity going forward.

At the elite end of sport, government is supporting our Olympic and Paralympic athletes beyond Rio 2016 through to Tokyo 2020 with increased exchequer funding.

New Government Strategy

Sports minister Tracey Crouch said: "sport has an incredible power to do social good and that is what our new strategy is all about. We will invest in sport and physical activity that shows how it can have a positive impact on people's lives, how it brings communities together while ensuring it continues to make a significant contribution to the economy too."
"We want to give everyone the best possible experience of sport from the earliest age which is why Sport England will now support children from five years old. We also want to maintain Britain's reputation as one of the leading nations in the world for putting on major sporting events while making sure we are the best in the world on good governance too."

Key features of new strategy
• Focus on getting younger children active
• Investment to start at five years of age
• Shift in emphasis away from only funding formal sport to more general fitness
On sports governance, UK Sport and Sport England, along with the other home nation sports councils, will agree a new UK wide sports governance code by September 2016.

On receiving the new strategy, Mike Thomas Director of the Cornwall Sports Partnership said: "we are pleased to see a more joined up approach to sport at a local level, involving more people in sport and activity to deliver wider social outcomes."

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