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Great Britain Olympic hockey star visited Penzance

GB Olympic Hockey Player Richard Alexander

Great Britain hockey star Richard Alexander was the guest of honour at Penzance Astro on 21st February 2012.  The visit came as part of a nationwide programme, Hockey Nation, which will see British Olympic hockey players visit events involving more than 450 secondary schools.

The 'Come and Meet' sessions gave thousands of youngsters the chance to try In2Hockey, a version of hockey for 10 to 14 year olds, ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games this summer, which was hosted by Richard Alexander (Ratman), a member of the Great Britain hockey team preparing for the Olympic Games. He also answered questions in a specially arranged Question and Answer session.

Richard Alexander said, "I started playing hockey at school so it's fantastic to be able to return to the playground, to meet the kids and speak to them about their sporting ambitions.  The Olympic Games was always a massive inspiration to me growing up and if I can help inspire the next generation and recruit some new fans of hockey in the process then that would be great!"

Barbara Reynolds said, "a fantastc opportnity for the for the young people in the area to gain an insight into the life of a GB Athelete"

Sally Munday, Chief Operating Officer of Great Britain Hockey, which is behind the Hockey Nation programme, said, "The vast majority of people who play hockey took it up at school and we recognise the vital role school sport plays in children's development.  We understand that schools often do not have hockey specialists on staff, or the traditional facilities to deliver hockey, which is why we developed In2Hockey.  The equipment and resources make it very simple for teachers to deliver and ensure that pupils have the best possible experience of playing hockey."

For more information about the Hockey Nation programme,  For more information about In2Hockey visit