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Have you got any young volunteers?

Volunteer Cornwall

Cornwall Council has commissioned Volunteer Cornwall to run a project called "Timebank Your Way". Its aim is to encourage more 11 - 19 yr olds to participate in volunteering or community, social action and to get rewarded for their time through a selection of incentives, see  Volunteer Cornwall | Your Way for more information.

In Cornwall, we have an estimated 140,000 volunteers. The contribution they make to the Cornish economy, just from their hours alone, is estimated to be worth £490 million - and that's before you add in the social value of the work they do! However, the majority tend to be of working age and this project aims to get more young people involved in their communities.

So far, we have over 750 young people signed up to Timebank. If you have young people supporting your clubs by volunteering, in any capacity, please encourage them to register with the Timebank!

We are also looking for local businesses/organisations and individuals to get involved as a Timebank sponsor. Whether it's providing free access to sports clubs , donating a particular item, sponsorship, providing tuition or use of equipment, even offering short term work experience or a visit to your organisation; a small gift from you can benefit young people across Cornwall, and in turn, help to encourage them to volunteer in their community.

For more information or to arrange a visit from our team, please contact Heidi Channell on 07866 536735 or