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Healthy Start for New Students at Truro College

Healthy Start for New Students are Truro College

Hundreds of new students started their college year with a taste of the Healthy Lifestyle.

Thanks to partnership working with Sustrans, Truro College were able to offer students the chance to make their own refreshing fruit drinks by cycling for a few minutes on the smoothie bike.

The smoothie bike is standard bicycle, secured to a turbo that is connected up to a blender, so when anyone rides it the blender is propelled around, mashing the fruit contents into a healthy drink.

Thanks to funding from the Department for Transport through the Access to Education programme, Sustrans is working with Truro College to provide young people and staff with skills and information to allow them to make more active and sustainable journeys to their place of study on a regular basis.

Julian Wills, College Sports Maker, said "This was a great opportunity for students to make a healthy start to their college year. Students will be able to continue in this vain by accessing the numerous sports activities that are available to all students through the Health, Wellbeing and Sport programme"