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High Levels of Satisfaction with Cornwall Sports Partnership

Cornwall Sports Partnership

The latest stakeholder survey conducted by Cornwall Sports Partnership reveals continuing high levels of satisfaction with the work of the partnership. There is also a broadening  base of key stakeholders, indicating the growing value of sport and physical activity to other areas of activity.

Respondents expressed high levels of satisfaction with the professionalism and helpfulness of staff, the promotion of local funding advice and the marketing and promotion of sport and physical activity.

The areas of our work which respondents felt was most important to them were the support for local partners to connect with Governing Bodies of Sport, providing support for clubs and volunteers, co-ordination of the Sportivate project and providing funding advice.

Good levels of satisfaction were expressed with our communications, though a small but significant number reported an unawareness with our newsletters and social media presence and who would like to know more about them.

Our response to enquiries was generally good, though a small number of respondents felt that our speed of response could on occasion be quicker.

Commenting on the survey results, Director of Cornwall Sports Partnership Mike Thomas said "We are pleased with the positive results from the stakeholder survey and particularly with the high level of satisfaction with the work of the staff, as they are absolutely key to our success. We are also interested in where respondents think we can do better and we will be taking those comments on board as well, to ensure that we continually improve and evolve what we do for customers and stakeholders. I would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey as their feedback is crucial to our development"