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HPCF Press release

Climbing wall

Active Cornwall have been working to distribute the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund (HPCF) to primary schools across Cornwall. This funding was administered through Cornwall Council and Active Cornwall for schools to create inspiring spaces for children and young people to have more access to opportunities for physical activity. We targeted a total of 14 schools across three specific localities which have notable levels of deprivation: St Austell, Bodmin and West Penwith.

By using this funding to develop redundant areas of schools to promote physical activity, we can work towards getting children to achieve 60 minutes of activity each day and schools can experience the positive effects of active children. Benefits include higher levels of attainment, better behaviour among pupils, physically heathier children, increased wellbeing in children and an ability to nurture transferable skills such as resilience, collaboration and a growth mindset.

Megan Hilley, the HPCF Lead at Active Cornwall said "It has been so rewarding to work with head teachers on investing the Health Pupils Capital Funding into making their schools into more active environments. Seeing the plans right at the beginning develop into tangible buildings, structures, places and spaces has been truly inspiring. Each school has done something completely different and has been led by the needs of their pupils and school sites. This approach has proved to be a really sustainable and impactful way of working as pupils take more ownership of the new spaces. They want to use these areas that have been built with them, for them."

Bike track

Schools have used this funding to contribute to their wider agendas. For example, St Teath used the HPCF to develop an all-weather rubber bike track which will be used to promote active travel as part of their agenda to get pupils and their families cycling, walking and scooting to and from school.

To see some of the projects and hear more about how the HPCF has helped schools create active environments for their pupils, watch this short film.

For more information on getting physical activity on your school agenda, you can get in touch with us on or visit the Children, Young People and Families area of the Active Cornwall website to discover all the ways you can create a more active school.