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Involved in Table Tennis or Ping? Help Drive Your Sport!


Involved in Table Tennis or Ping! then complete the survey below to help drive the development of your sport!

In order  to most effectively support you the volunteers, the ETTA have devised a brief survey which you can find at the below link:

The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey will give the ETTA information about what help your club/league require, as well as giving them an overall picture of what the key needs are in your area. This includes courses, workshops, resources, and many other opportunities.

Once they have received some replies they will be able to come back to you individually to help tailor some support for your club, league, or organisation.

If you aren't sure what opportunities are out there, or what support you require, the survey gives you a number of projects/options to choose from which you may not have yet considered.

It doesn't matter if they get more than one reply from each organisation, better to have too many than none at all. If you would like to pass this email on to someone else locally who would benefit from then please do.

If you requre any further information about Table Tennis or Ping! in Cornwall, please click here.