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Just Play!

Just Play!

The Football Association and Mars are looking for delivery partners to support their continued delivery of the Just Play football programme aimed at adults.

Through delivering informal kick-about sessions for men and women this is your chance to be part of this emerging
programme increasing participation in grassroots football.

Developed by The FA and supported by Adult Football Partner Mars, FA Mars Just Play! is an easy and informal opportunity for adults to play football in an enjoyable environment. Men and women can choose how and when they want to play by just turning up or signing up on the website to an FA Mars Just Play! Centre, where an Organiser will co-ordinate games chosen by the players.

FA Mars Just Play! is designed for all adult footballers, regardless of experience, ability or fitness. It will help the novice, part-timer or lapsed player to gain experience, rediscover their touch, develop fitness and enjoy playing in a non competitive environment. The games at FA Mars Just Play! centres will be informal and fun, but those looking for a route back into affiliated football will be signposted to local 5-a-side or 11-a-side competition.

The flexible format allows FA Mars Just Play! Centres to be adapted to suit the needs of the local population. It can
be run anywhere from a local park or common, leisure centres and colleges or universities. Centres are run by FA Mars
Just Play! Organisers who will facilitate the activities and give support to all participants.

Interested in hosting an FA MARS just Play! Centre? Then download the below attachment to find out more on FA Mars Just Play! and how you can get involved.