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Latest Sport England research reveals the true picture of disability nationwide

Mapping Disability: The Facts

The Sport England report, Mapping Disability: The Facts, offers an in-depth look at the vast range of impairments experienced by people in England. It also includes comprehensive data on disability by categories such as region, gender and age.

The findings will form a crucial part of Sport Englands work to get more disabled people active.

We already know that disabled people are much less likely to take part in sport or activity than many other groups. That's why Sport England are redoubling their efforts to fully understand, and provide for, all impairment groups

Of course, this is purely a starting point for Sport England and their partners and this resource helps them to start to grasp the complex picture of the disability population in England.


Perfect resource for partners
This first report is the perfect resource for national governing bodies and other partners, helping us all plan effective programmes by better knowing the audience.

It's the first in a suite of resources that Sport England are developing over coming months and is designed to be used in conjunction with other insight available. Head over to the English Federation of Disability Sport to look at their specialist market knowledge and evidence-led insight for disabled people in sport.

Additional information
There is a detailed narrative report to accompany this resource that you can also find along with our latest insight on the Sport England website - just click here!