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Launch of the #GetYourKitOn Campaign to Protect Grassroots Sports Funding


#GetYourKitOn is a campaign led by the sports sector and supported by the Sport and Recreation Alliance which has been created to highlight the value of grassroots sport to the nation, ahead of the Spending Review of 25 November.

Whilst we know that we live in tough financial times and it is widely expected that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport will, like many departments, receive cuts of up to 40% to their budget, we all know that cuts of this size would have a devastating impact upon the level of investment into grassroots sport.

Yet recent polling, commissioned by the Alliance, shows that 79% of people feel the Government should do more to support grassroots sport, and 75% agree that grassroots sport should receive more funding from the Government.

So this is why the Alliance, along with sports organisations across the country, is encouraging as many people as possible to #GetYourKitOn and tell George Osborne how much they value grassroots sport before the Spending Review. As part of the campaign, supporters are being asked to visit and post a message directly to the Chancellor.
Visitors to can also upload their image to a social wall of support via a dedicated Facebook page. Supporters can spread the word and share photos directly to the campaign website by sharing photos of them in their sports kit with the hashtag #GetYourKitOn.


Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, the umbrella body for sports organisations, says the campaign needs as many supporters as possible if it is to succeed.
"We understand difficult decisions have to be made but cuts of this size would have serious repercussions for grassroots sport. So we are calling for everyone who plays or who has children who play grassroots sport to spend 60 seconds contacting the Chancellor to tell them how much they value our grassroots sport."
"Cutting investment in sport and recreation will have serious consequences in the short term. More significant costs lie further down the line - with a serious impact stored up for health and education budgets as well as a hugely detrimental effect on our economic productivity. Government recognises the need to invest in our national physical infrastructure, but needs to take investment in our population's health and wellbeing just as seriously. "
"The #GetYourKitOn campaign is a fantastic way to show the strength of feeling and passion that keeps grassroots sport functioning in the country, but we need you to act quickly. These decisions are already being made and unless we tell George Osborne that we are united in our support for our community clubs and sports, sport stands to lose out."
For more information visit www.GetYourKitOn.Team