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More Sports Volunteers Needed in Cornwall

Cornwall Sports Awards - Volunteer of the Year 2013

Several Cornish organisations have teamed up to try and get more people volunteering in sport and leisure opportunities across the county.

Volunteers are a hugely important resource to sport with over 2.6 million people regularly volunteering in sport-related activities nationally. Whilst many people think you have to be able to play a sport in order to volunteer, that isn't necessarily the case, say Cornwall Sports Partnership, Tempus Leisure and Volunteer Cornwall.

Andy Brelsford, from Volunteer Cornwall, is keen to point out, "There are many opportunities for people to get involved in their local sports clubs that don't require you to be sporty, such as marshals, fundraisers, website developers, groundskeepers, committee posts and many more."

Tim Marrion, from Cornwall Sports Partnership, says, "Sport volunteering can give you a lot of satisfaction and reward as your club or team competes against others in friendly rivalry or fierce competition. Being an active part of the wider team or club as a volunteer can enhance your physical and mental health and wellbeing."

Sports and leisure centre's across Cornwall are keen to have more volunteers involved as Karen Edmond, from Tempus Leisure, explains, "Our aims include providing opportunities and improving access to sport and active recreation and encouraging healthy active lifestyles. There are lots of ways volunteers can help us do this, by joining the team at their local centre, from meeting and greeting users through to organising and leading activities such as walking groups."

To find out more about volunteering in sport and leisure locally, call 01872 265307, go online at or pop in to your nearest Volunteer Centre.

You don't have to be attached to a club to become a volunteer! 
There are many sports activities and events that you could get involved in, visit our Volunteering Page for more information.

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