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NEW from Sport England - Getting under the skin of our youth personalities

SE Youth Insight

A wave of research has revealed new insights into what motivates young people to take part in sport and activity.

Sport England have delved into the personalities, behaviours, attitudes and aspirations of young people, producing Under the Skin - a comprehensive pack which establishes six key personas.

Each of these personas is broken down into a series of traits, based on extensive research drawn from talking to scores of young people.

The project, carried out with research agency YouthSight, builds on our youth insight published in 2014, with a host of findings to help influence how we get young people active.

Unique personalities
Understanding the six groups in Under the Skin will help partners design the best possible programmes for young people.

The six personas are:
• Sport enthusiasts
• Confident intellectuals
• Ambitious self-starters
• Cautious introverts
• Thoughtful improvers
• Everyday youths

Our research reinforces that all young people are individuals, with thoughts, feelings and interests that evolve over time.

Their motivation for taking part in sport is often shaped by their unique experiences and personalities, so making an effort to understand what's important to a specific young person makes it much more likely they can be helped to become active in a way that's right for them.

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