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New professional development body for sport

New professional development body for sport

A new professional development body for sport has been launched, The Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (IMSPA). Based at SportPark in Loughborough it will aim to provide leadership, support and empowerment for professionals working in the UK's sport and physical activity sector.

IMSPA has been built on two successful mergers - firstly ILAM (Institute for Leisure and Amenity Management) with NASD (National Association for Sports Development), followed in early April by ISPAL (The Institute for Sport, Parks and Leisure) and ISRM (Institute of Sport and Recreation Management).

The Institute is enjoying a double celebration as it officially confirms that the new Institute has been granted Chartership accreditation by The Royal Privy Council. The announcement will provide a welcome boost for those who have dedicated their lives to managing and delivering sport, placing careers in sport and physical activity on a par with those associated with other professional Chartered bodies.

Sean Holt, CEO of IMSPA, said: "Times are changing and so are we. We are preparing our workforce to cater for the demands of tomorrow. Securing Chartership accreditation recognises the importance of the work that our members do day to day and our role in shaping their future.

"The Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity will reach out to a wide range of people engaged in a variety of roles such as leisure centre managers, local development officers, coaches, health officers and governing body representatives. It is important to remember that what will define our members is not the role that they do but their ambition to develop their knowledge and skills to become celebrated leaders, deliverers and shapers of the sport and physical activity sector."